Thompson Ayodele is the Director of Initiative for Public Policy Analysis, a public policy think tank promoting the institutions of free society based in Lagos, Nigeria. He attended Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, where he got a degree in humanities, and Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin, Nigeria, where he also received his Diploma in Law. Prior to his work with IPPA Nigeria, he was a journalist with “The Comet.”

Mr. Ayodele was Deputy Country Director, Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) Nigeria from 2002 to 2006. He is currently a coordinator of Malaria Free Zones, a Hedge Fund/Free Africa Foundation Project, in Nigeria, Cameroon and Benin Republic.

Mr. Ayodele is an avid writer and has written several articles. His articles have been published in the New York Times, Financial Times, Australia Financial Review, This Day Nigeria, Daily Independent Nigeria and New Age Newspapers. He is the author of the upcoming publication: “Why Informal Business Thrives in Nigeria.”

He has just completed a six-month research study “Entrepreneurship vs. Poverty” for Independent Institute. Mr. Ayodele has traveled widely and is a Fellow of International Policy Network, London.

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