New Conservative Voice Joins National Urban Talk Radio; Stacy Washington’s “Stacy on the Right” Promises to Shake Up the Status Quo

St. Louis, MO / Washington, D.C. – New leadership is arriving today in seven U.S. cities with the debut of Stacy Washington’s “Stacy on the Right” radio program in seven urban markets on the Urban Family Talk network.

This new, national – and conservative – voice will be heard daily on urban talk radio in Memphis, Cleveland, Madison, Tupelo, Toledo, Boise, and Atlanta.

washingtons_smIt promises a new era of daily, blunt, “let’s-solve-this” dialogue between urban communities and a black conservative leader with a no-nonsense approach to both issues and personalities.

“Media gives short shrift to black conservatives especially, and conservatives in general,” said Stacy Washington, a long-time member of the black conservative leadership group Project 21 and Emmy-nominated weekly talk show host on FM NewsTalk 97.1 in St. Louis, Missouri. “One thing that is sorely lacking is a voice speaking unvarnished truth to power, irrespective of the feelings of the listener.”

“This is my passion,” Washington continued. “When I see the media incorrectly focusing on police-involved shootings instead of poverty and crime I have plenty to say. Leftist policies have failed inner city blacks for over 50 years in America. Crime is rampant; schools are unaccredited and failing. The black family is decimated. Black unemployment is persistently higher than that of white Americans. Anyone can quote statistics, but what are the solutions? I’ll tell you what they are every day for an hour on Urban Radio.”

There’s one thing Stacy won’t deliver: the same timeworn whines and excuses by our current national and urban leaders that do nothing but keep people down and limit our childrens’ futures.

And something else: “Stacy on the Right” is a PC-free zone. Stacy speaks her mind and she expects others to do so, too. The stakes are too high for anything else.

On CNN’s HLN TV’s “Dr. Drew Show,” Stacy debated a Black Lives Matter representative, reproaching the group for helping create the environment that has led to the death of police officers. “…I saw Black Lives Matter protestors with the signs in hand yelling and spitting in the faces of cops… [They said] we know where you live, we’re going to kill your wife, we’re going to kill your daughter.”

Stacy knows these issues personally: She and her husband are the parents of a son and two daughters and they understand the safety worries faced by black parents everywhere. But Stacy understands more than most the nuances of today’s contentious law enforcement-black community relations: she is the daughter of a police officer. She doesn’t bring platitudes to debates, and she doesn’t back down in the face of filth and threats.

“Following a September 29 appearance on CNN, in which she challenged liberal orthodoxy with her trademark grace and logic, Stacy’s inbox and social media pages began to fill with filth,” said Amy Ridenour, chairman of the National Center for Public Policy Research, which sponsors Project 21. “One man wrote her via Facebook that he was ‘looking for a nice little colored girl to clean my house and cook nice meals in my kitchen for my family. Saw you on CNN and said to myself, “now there’s a nice little colored girl that would fit the bill… almost forgot… pay you a little extra if you’d shimmy up a little tap dancing for my guess [sic] and me as we enjoy dessert!”‘ Another correspondent threatened Stacy physically, making it clear he lives nearby, while others called her names no decent person repeats.”

The filth and threats prove Stacy has unnerved the left and the status quo operators who have kept urban communities down for decades. She provides a new, genuinely fresh voice and a commonsense way to bring all Americans together.

“Stacy consistently combines logic with emotion to create compelling messages,” Amy Ridenour added, “so her messages resonate. One day this summer she recorded a video of her thoughts about Black Lives Matter and placed them on her own Facebook page. They were noticed by Larry O’Connor, host of WMAL-Washington D.C.’s drive-time ‘Live at Five’ radio program, and they soon went viral, earning over a third of a million views – without any formal PR or advertising!”

“We are so happy to have Stacy Washington join our team of radio hosts endeavoring to bring truth, wisdom and empowerment to our nation,” adds Will Addison, director of the Urban Family Talk radio network. “Stacy is an enthusiastic personality; able to accurately communicate today’s issues from a Biblical perspective. Stacy will add so much to an already deep line up here at Urban Family. We are blessed to have her in the fight with us on our team at such a crucial juncture in our nation’s history. Urban Family Talk and the American Family Association welcome Stacy Washington, aka, ‘Stacy on the Right.'”

“Stacy has been a part of our success at KFTK/St. Louis for a long time, so it’s about time she went national!” said Jeff Allen, program director at KFTK in St. Louis.

“Expanding the reach of the ‘Stacy on the Right’ brand has been the end goal from the first day of our weekly program on FM News Talk 97.1,” Stacy says. “This new daily program with Urban Family Talk does exactly that, by putting the critical issues facing Americans front and center in an additional seven radio markets for an hour each day.”

If you hadn’t yet heard of Stacy Washington, you’ll soon be glad that day is past.

“Stacy on the Right” will be heard daily on Urban Family Talk at 3 pm Eastern Standard Time. Download the Urban Family app, listen via live stream on or listen via terrestrial radio on the following debut stations: 106.7 FM WKVF Memphis, TN; 98.3FM WDFX Cleveland, MS; 90.5 FM WQVI Madison, MS; 91.7 FM WAJS Tupelo, MS; 91.5 FM Norwood GA; 91.9 FM Rossford/Toledo, OH; 1520 AM/WNWT Rossford/Toledo, OH; 88.3 FM KARJ Boise, ID.

“I could not be more pleased to partner with a Christian, urban syndicator and I look forward to adding affiliates as demand requires. Listeners have come to expect the topics that are dominating the news day as well as in-depth discussions on culture, the family and how all of that fits into our busy everyday pace of life. Find out more about the program at my website,,” concluded Stacy.

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Project 21 is sponsored by the National Center for Public Policy Research. Project 21 members have been quoted, interviewed or published in the news media over 40,000 times since the program was created in 1992.

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Project 21, a leading voice of black conservatives for over 25 years, is sponsored by the National Center for Public Policy Research. Its members have been quoted, interviewed or published over 40,000 times since the program was created in 1992. Contributions to the National Center are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated, and may be earmarked exclusively for the use of Project 21.