Dr. David Hogberg on Fox News About ObamaCare Infrastructure Troubles

On the eve of the initial rollout of the ObamaCare insurance exchanges, Jim Angle of the Fox News Channel interviewed the National Center’s Dr. David Hogberg on September 30 about the many problems remaining within the ObamaCare health care takeover’s infrastructure certain to cause short-term frustration and potential long-term crisis for both President Obama’s legacy policy initiative and the general welfare of the American people.

A critical factor for ObamaCare is enrollment, and the participation of young and healthy Americans in the program in particular because they are crucial in subsidizing the care of older and sicker Americans.  To this, Dr. Hogberg noted the current penalty structure for younger people to not participate and is actually more financially advantageous.  This may cause many to take the penalty and not participate in ObamaCare.  This could lead to a financial “death spiral” as costs go up and participation becomes even less advantageous.

There is also a technological deficiency in the system right now that may turn off tech-savvy young people and lead to a poor reception on October 1 that may leave a lasting bad impression on the people the Obama Administration is relying upon to flock to the program.  Dr. Hogberg said:

October 1 is going to be important whether they think it is or not.  If these websites are not really functional on October 1, that’s another thing that’s likely to drive young and healthy people away.


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