2000 Earth Day Information Center

Free "Earth Day Interview Locator Service" and Earth Day Fact Kit Available to Journalists

150 Scientists, Economists and Public Policy Experts in 28 Environmental Fields Available for Earth Day 2000


The Earth Day Information Center is offering a free Earth Day Interview Locator Service and Earth Day Fact Kit to journalists to assist them in booking environmental experts for April 22, 2000, Earth Day’s 30th anniversary. The interview locator service offers access to 150 scientists, economists and public policy experts specializing in 28 environmental fields. Experts are available on such issues as global warming, urban sprawl, agricultural biotechnology, air quality issues, environmental justice, the Endangered Species Act, wetlands and more.

Among the experts in the Earth Day Information Center’s extensive database are:

* Dr. John Christy: Associate Professor of Atmospheric Science and Earth System Science Laboratory at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Dr. Christy is one of the nation’s leading experts on the alleged impact of human greenhouse gases on global warming. Dr. Christy is also an expert on the satellite data used to determine if there is a global warming problem.

* Dr. Nina Fedoroff: Willaman Professor of Life Science and Director of the Life Sciences Consortium and the Biotechnology Institute at Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Federoff is an expert on the safety of agricultural biotechnology.

* Dr. Samuel Staley: Director of the Reason Public Policy Institute’s Urban Futures Program. Dr. Staley focuses on the urban sprawl issue and other land management issues.

* Dr. James Anderson: Associate Professor at the School of Fisheries at the University of Washington. Dr. Anderson specializes in salmon restoration issues in the Pacific Northwest region.

* Dr. Bonner Cohen: Senior Fellow at the Lexington Institute. Dr. Cohen is an expert on the Environmental Protection Agency, the Clean Air Act, Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency standards and superfund issues.

To book Earth Day 2000 interviews, contact (202) 507-6398 or e-mail them at [email protected]. For the fact sheet on Earth Day, contact our staff or visit the Earth Day Information Center web site at https://nationalcenter.org/EarthDay98.html.

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