Senator Jim Inhofe 1, Arianna Huffington 6

Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) delivered a long speech about climate change on the floor of the Senate Monday. As I write this the Environment and Public Works Committee does not yet have a copy of the Senator’s speech on its website, but in the meantime, we excerpt it generously in our Ten Second Response newsletter here.

The Senator’s speech is noteworthy in part because it is a useful review of the global warming debate and thus is worth keeping for future reference, but also because the Senator does what many others don’t on this issue (including people who should know better): he goes beyond the official line and thinks for himself.

Since the Senator is chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, his views on this and why he holds them are noteworthy. Let’s see if the mainstream news media gives his speech as much coverage as, say, it gives to Arianna Huffington’s opinions on SUVs.

I’m not overly optimistic. A search on Google News as of 11:30 PM Monday showed only one report about Senator Inhofe’s speech, the Ten Second Response newsletter we published (linked to above). There were, however, a half dozen new stories there mentioning Arianna.

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