We Know Environmentalists Don’t Like Drivers Much, But This is Ridiculous

According to the Consumer Electronics Industry Association, 59 percent of all people who listen to the radio are in a vehicle.

Ponder that fact when you consider the opening line of the Nature Conservancy’s new radio commercial:

Close your eyes for a moment. Now imagine you’re away from it all, beside a crystal clear mountain stream. The cool grass crunches under foot. Take a deep breath and drink in the sound of water cascading over the stones as birds call out from above. A real paradise like this isn’t easy to come by. But it does still exist. And with your help, places like this one can last forever. You see, The Nature Conservancy works locally with communities, businesses and people like you to preserve the most precious natural places around the world. They protect the animals that live there. The plants that grow there. And even the water. That way, this beautiful place will be beautiful forever. And we’ll make sure that closing your eyes will never be the only way to get there. I’m Paul Newman. Help The Nature Conservancy save the Last Great Places.

Hubby David heard this on the radio Thursday night as he drove home from a trip to Pittsburgh.

I’m very glad he ignored Paul Newman’s advice, and made it safely home instead.

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