But, Your Honor, Throwing Firebombs Makes Me Feel Morally Superior

Ted Rall explains why targeting Molotov cocktails at vehicles like the one we use to tote our three three-year-olds is a good tactic for environmentalists here.

An excerpt:

The idea is to make SUVs as unfashionable, and as scary to own, as fur became after the PETA-inspired spray-paint attacks of the ’80s… It’s unfortunate that drivers must worry that their SUVs are being targeted by insulting stickers and Molotov cocktails, but one thing’s for sure: It couldn’t be happening to a more deserving group of people.

The Nazis thought killing for political ideology was OK, too, and make no mistake, people who think they have the moral right to use firebombs will eventually kill — by accident or intent — if they are not stopped.

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