Foxes and Henhouses

A note from our executive director, David Almasi:

People have been warmed about putting foxes in charge of henhouses. This is what you’ll get:

Not only did liberal Congressman John Conyers take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution when he was sworn in, but he is also the ranking liberal on the House Judiciary Committee. As such, he can be rightfully considered the top liberal in the House of Representatives in charge of protection the integrity of that sacred document. So why is he pushing legislation that is in direct violation of the Constitution?

The Constitution expressly forbids bills of attainder — legislation that singles out an individual or a group for punishment without a trial.

Conyers has sponsored legislation to censure U.S. Army Lieutenant General William Boykin, the 32-year Army veteran heading the office in charge of hunting down the likes of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. Boykin is under fire for saying America is a “Christian nation” and remarks that some people say are critical of the Muslim faith. Boykin’s remarks were made at a private church gathering, and not as a representative of the military.

Under our Constitution, people are entitled to their own opinions (First Amendment) and protected against bills of attainder (Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 3). Except, in this case, General Boykin. It’s a sad day when liberals believe that a political drive-by shooting, which is essentially what the anti-Boykin bill is, trumps a congressman’s better judgment and compliance with his oath of office and leadership position.

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