The New Gender Gap

A new Gallup poll (paid subscription required) is showing not only that more Americans now say they are conservative or moderate than liberal, but more say they are conservative than either moderate or liberal.

According to the Oct/Nov 2003 poll, 41 percent of Americans identify as conservative, 39 percent as moderate and 19 percent as liberal.

A year ago the percentages were 38, 39 and 19; in 2001, 38, 40 and 19; in 2000, 37, 42 and 20.

The much ballyhooed “gender gap” still exists, but maybe not the way liberals would like it.

According to Gallup, 44 percent of men say they are conservative, 39 percent say they are moderate, and 16 percent liberal.

39 percent of women say they are conservative, 39 percent say they are moderate and 21 percent say they are liberal.

These days the gender gap means than more than twice as many men say they are conservative as say they are liberal, whereas for women, not quite twice as many do — yet.

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