Who Says Congressional Trips Are Just Vacations?

An observation from our executive director, David Almasi:

Who said congressional delegations are just vacations? It seems one CODEL really made a big difference, for now.

In a surprising policy reversal, Congressman Sheila Jackson-Lee, a hardened Bush critic, decided American forces need to be in Iraq longer than Bush or her liberal colleagues are prepared to keep them there. This change of heart came after Jackson-Lee visited Iraq. According to a report filed by Houston TV station KHOU, “Jackson Lee’s concern is that the fragile peace cannot survive without a strong military presence — American or coalition.”

One has to wonder, however, if Jackson-Lee is going be batted back into line as Al Sharpton was recently after he said that a black judicial candidate deserved a timely up-or-down vote on her nomination in the U.S. Senate. Only time will tell.

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