None Dare Call It Dictatorship

From our executive director, David Almasi:

Here’s just one example of why President Bush is inclined to nominate judges who adhere to a strict interpretation of the law, and why the liberals are opposing him to the degree that they are — simply denying those nominees a simple up-or-down vote. The Washington Times reported on December 5, 2003 that D.C. City Council member Jack Evans (D) — whose ward includes the White House — has given up hope that Congress will allow D.C. to tax the salaries of out-of-staters who work in Washington. Since he believes our elected officials will not do his bidding, he is now placing his hopes for a “commuter tax” on a decision rendered by an appointed (and therefore virtually unaccountable) judge.

By the way, how would D.C. spend commuter tax dollars? Besides building a stadium in the hope of luring the current Montreal Expos baseball club to Washington, the city government recently put itself further into the birth control business by offering free condoms at taxpayer expense.

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