Take That, Hans Blix!

An observation from NCPPR executive director David W. Almasi:

President Bush’s strong stand against Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and the prospects of an Iraqi program to produce weapons of mass destruction made the writing on the wall very clear to Libyan strongman Mommar Gaddafi. The actual liberation of Iraq was only the icing on the cake. Gaddafi quickly negotiated a deal with our government and the British to get himself safely out of the WMD business, in which he was indeed involved.

The first inspections of Libya should be a lesson to the liberal critics of President Bush. Not only does Gaddafi’s admission and capitulation to inspections validate Bush’s get-tough attitude toward rogue governments, but what the inspections are finding should also give pause to those who expected our troops to find WMD labs that would made a James Bond movie villain proud on the very first day of the liberation. Those who are now crowing about the lack of a “smoking gun” that meets their approval may someday have egg on their faces.

No less than the top official of the International Atomic Energy Agency is shaking his head over what they are finding finding in Libya. Not only was Libya blatantly disregarding the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, but the IAEA apparently had no idea what Libya was up to. They are now finding nuclear materials and machinery bought on the post-Cold War black market in use in slum neighborhoods. Said IAEA director Mohammed El Baradei: “Low-level programs like this are difficult to detect. They can be run in a garage. You would have to be lucky or have very good intelligence to run across it. We’re doing a lot of soul-searching.”

Take that, Hans Blix!

Considering that our forces in Iraq have made surprising discoveries (like MiG jet fighter buried in the sand literally yards away from post-liberation allied command posts) and have yet to sort through munitions depots described as rivaling the size of Manhattan, a dreaded “October Surprise” of concrete evidence of Hussein’s WMD programs would be a lot less of a hit to the liberals if they didn’t make a supposedly deceitful President Bush their Exhibit A.

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