Damned If He Does, Damned If He Doesn’t

A note from Project 21 member Michael King in Atlanta:

In the January 14 Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia state representative (and professional whiner) Tyrone Brooks wrings his hands and cries over the security arrangements for President Bush’s visit to the Martin Luther King National Historic Site.

The President will lay a wreath at Dr. Martin Luther King’s gravesite. Due to security arrangements for the President, some of the planned activities in the area may have to be altered.

“He has the right to come, but there should have been some consideration on what’s going on locally,” Brooks said in the AJC piece. “That’s quite insulting. This is not the appropriate way to honor Dr. King.”

Brooks and many of the same whiners have had natural conniption fits because the President has not attended the services the past three years. Now, when Bush decides to come, they can’t stomach the security.

Well, Tyrone, which way do you want it?

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