An e-mail responding to our comments about global warming:

I am a conservative and a recent college graduate. In the civil engineering program that I was in, students are required to take environmental classes. In one such class, I was required to research and develop an opinion and argument on the Kyoto accords. Through my research, I came to the conclusion that we DO NOT have enough FACTUAL information to support the idea that human are causing global warming. Humans have only been tracking global temperatures for about one hundred years. Now, if the world is some 4.6 million (or more) years old and has undergone numerous cycles of glacial and warming periods before humans ever existed OR developed technologies that depend on coal burning, how can they attruibute a seemingly natural occurance on humans. I believe that Earth is simply undergoing a process of warming and cooling that has occured since the beginning of time and will continue after the extinction of humans.

It is also worth noting that volcanic eruptions (which undoubtably cannot be human caused) put out way more CO2 (the supposed source of global warming) than humans have or ever will.

It is through my personal research that I will never support the United States agreeing to the Kyoto Accords. Only the fools that do not find the facts out THEMSELVES are the ones that will go along with the acceptance of the ridiculous human induced global warming nonsense. Maybe after we track Earth’s temperatures for more than 100 out of 4.6 million years will I begin to look again at the research for the FACTS.

It is easy to always blame the US for the world’s problems instead of looking at reality for what it is.


Krista Peterson

PS – I will also never accept Hillary Clinton until she comes forward to set an example for young women saying that it is NOT acceptable to be pubicly humiliated by a philandering husband. I would have much different feelings about her if she had dumped that idiot (Bill) right then and there. If she can turn the other cheek to a man that is supposed to be faithful to her until death do them part, I wonder what other facts (liberal nonsense) she can accept without question.

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