Notes About Other Places

Daly Thoughts, the Blog of the Electoral College Breakdown 2004, has kindly linked to a post on this blog by my husband David Ridenour, our VP.

Dales’ Electoral College Breakdown 2004, by the way, tracks the presidential polls based on what they predict about the Electoral College. It is a fast way to make sense of the poll data we get from the news. After all — and as Al Gore would tell you — the popular vote doesn’t decide the presidency. Only the Electoral College counts.

Meanwhile, Sean at the always-worth-a-visit “Everything I Know Is Wrong” blog posted some very complimentary remarks about posts on this blog by our executive director, David Almasi.

Finally, as long as I am talking about other blogs, allow me to recommend this Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness post to anyone who has wondered, as I have, about the news media’s practice of referring to certain geographical locations as “holy cities” — but not others.

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