Ambassador to Security Council: You are Irrelevant

No, Bush’s hasn’t decided — as far as I know — to withdraw from the anachronistic U.N. (more’s the pity), but the U.S. Deputy Ambassador to the U.N. made it plain on Wednesday that defining the relationships between the new Iraqi government and the governments of the Coalition of the Willing are none of the U.N.’s business.

In other words, the Security Council can stuff it if it thinks it can decide what allied militaries are going to do within Iraq. That’s up, he said, to the involved nations — including Iraq.

Jacques Chirac, meanwhile, is going out of his way to make it clear that his government is an intractable enemy of U.S. interests.

Good thing for us France is impotent.

I will give A LOT to have the authority to write President Bush’s speech for the D-Day Ceremonies this weekend.

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