Is It Just Me? Part II

Husband David Ridenour, whose musings about the news media were published here last month, is wondering now about a few new issues.

  • With so many things “new” associated with the right (i.e., New Europe, new media, and new money), and so many things “old” (i.e., Old Europe, old media, and old money) associated with the left, why do we still call liberals “progressives”?
  • If treating terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay as non-combatants sent the wrong signal to the guards at Abu Ghraib prison, what kind of signal did liberals and the media elite send to those same guards by repeatedly claiming Iraqis are incapable of democratic governance?
  • If the makers of beverages formerly labeled “juice” can be forced to re-label their products as “drink” when they contain less than 5 percent real fruit juice, why can’t newspapers containing less than 5 percent real news be forced to re-label their publications “opinionpapers”?
  • With so many around us incapable of seeing the forest for the trees, why isn’t there a public outcry for more logging?

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