Attorneys General or Global Warming Scientists?

Eight state attorneys general and the city of New York will have a press conference at noon Eastern Wednesday to announce that, despite not being scientists, they are wise enough to set a good portion of our national global warming policy.

Attorneys general are elected to enforce laws, not to create them.

The Separation of Powers concept was enshrined in our governmental bodies by our Founding Fathers for a reason: When too much power is congregated in one source, dictatorship is inevitable. If these state politicians wish to set national environmental policies they should lobby Congress or run for Congress themselves.

In this case, the politicians are expected to announce they will file a lawsuit to change policies regulating power plants in states other than their own, and supervise the federal Tennesse Valley Authority as well.

It must be quite something to believe oneself smarter than entire legislatures — from long distance, no less.

I write more about all this in “Now They Want to Be Caesar: Eight State Attorneys General Decide to End-Run Legislatures, Set National Global Warming Policies Themselves.”

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