Is It Just Me? Part III

Husband David Ridenour, whose musings have been published here before, has a few more thoughts:

  • Prominent conservatives use expletives only when pushed to anger, while their liberal counterparts do so on purpose to project an “oh so cool” image. Yet, conservatives get more adverse publicity.
  • To borrow a joke attributed to former Rep. John LaBoutillier about the House Speaker under whom he served: What do Michael Moore and the federal budget have in common? They’re both big, bloated and out-of-control.
  • When most Americans do the morally reprehensible, it is because they can’t help themselves. According to his new book, when Bill Clinton does so, it is just because he can.
  • If higher prices reduce demand for and thus use of gasoline – something liberals claim to want – why are so many liberals lamenting high gasoline prices?
  • Seizing or destroying the enemy’s command and control – which includes communication facilities – is key to winning war. So why, in our war against international terrorists – a war without borders – hasn’t Al Jazeera been reduced to a pile of rubble?
  • Liberals preach sensitivity, compassion and self-esteem. Yet, they’re the first to question the intelligence of conservative politicians – Ronald Reagan, Dan Quayle and George Bush, to mention just three. If these conservatives really are “stupid,” isn’t it insensitive to mention this? And shouldn’t they be praised for rising above their limited talents? While we’re at it, shouldn’t we require government across the board to slow down and simplify so that such politicians aren’t left behind? That’s what we do with our school system. It’s all about self-esteem, you know.

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