Annoy a Leftist Today

Blogs of War reports that the family of a 23-year-old 1st Cavalry Division soldier, Chad Drake, who was killed in action Monday, was harassed Wednesday by “peace” activists at a “Service of Mourning & Remembrance for 1000 U.S. Military War Dead in Iraq” sponsored by the Dallas Peace Center.

The family, probably misled by the name of the event and possibly by the fact that the group claims to work for “reconcilliation,” mistakenly thought the point of the gathering was to honor U.S. war dead.

Instead, according to an e-mail sent by a family friend to the Dallas NBC affiliate, the mother of the dead soldier was “harassed and yelled at, booed and hissed, told her son died for nothing.”

“Reconcilliation” traditionally is a left-wing code word for oppression. (If you doubt it, substitute “oppression” next time you hear a leftist say “reconcilliation,” and see if the sentence doesn’t instantly become more accurate.)

Our website’s Joe Roche page has an address for care packages for the 1st Cavalry Division. Annoy a leftist today and honor Chad Drake’s memory by sending something — some paperbacks, a DVD, perhaps some cookies — to these brave men and women. As important as the gift — probably more important — is the knowledge that most of us appreciate them.

Addendum: I corrected the incorrect link for the Joe Roche page with the care packages address. My apologies for the error!

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