No Jews or Christians Allowed

Can this possibly be legal?

Hat tip to Little Red Blog.

Addendum: I just telephoned Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ. I asked if what I had heard was true, that I must be a Muslim to be eligible to visit the park this Friday. I was told that the park is closed on Fridays. Seeing the loophole, I asked: “So the park is not open this Friday?” The Six Flags employee hesitated a second and then told me the park would be open this Friday, having been reserved by and for the use of a private group.

As it was after 9 PM when I called I was speaking to security personnel rather than to personnel in executive offices. If someone else has the full scoop on this I’d love to know it and will link to it if it is online, but if no one does I will call Six Flags tomorrow and ask them for their side of the story, and then post what I learn here.

Addendum #2 dated 9/15: WorldNetDaily is now reporting that Six Flags says the park will not be used exclusively by Muslim groups on Friday and that one of the Muslim organizations is backing off claims that the park will be “exclusively for Muslims” on Friday. The details in the WorldNet Daily story don’t conform to what I was told by security personnel when I called Six Flags, but World Net Daily’s source is the vice president of public relations for Six Flags, so unless other evidence surfaces, I’m going to assume she knows what she is talking about.

So, as the story stands now, there will be no religious test for entry into the theme park this Friday.

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