The AFL-CIO and Overtime

Via Instapundit comes a link to a story and video of AFL-CIO members attacking Bush-Cheney offices in Orlando and Miami, apparently to voice complaints over the Bush Administration’s new overtime rules.

Gotta love the softly nuanced way organized labor expresses its leadership’s point of view. (Not.)

Here is the truth about the new overtime rules, explained for your convenience without even a dollop of violence.

Addendum: A note from reader “EB”: Being a student of history (I’ve lived a lot of it) and not to put too fine a point on the comparison; the behavior of some of the unions in this election is reminiscent of the brown shirts of the ’30s and the communist goon squads of the ’50s.

A well-argued and factual defense of one’s position will always be more persuasive than this bully-boy, “I aint’t got a brain in my head” activity. The rad-libs, like the silent Islamic majority, need to get up off their backsides and loudly deplore such behavior. It’s just plain un-American.

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