Repudiating Ann Coulter

Very many conservatives have spent years explaining to their fellow Americans and to people overseas that the United States is not aggressive toward other nations, that our military policy is based on national security and that we genuinely wish other nations well.

Then there is Ann Coulter.

Unendingly trotted out on the Fox News Channel in the guise of someone representative of modern American conservatism, Coulter is seen here speaking about Canada in this undated clip from Hannity and Colmes. Some snippets:

When you are allowed to exist on the same continent as the United States of America…

They had better hope the United States doesn’t roll over one night and crush them…

They are lucky to be allowed to exist on the same continent…

I have no problem with criticizing Canada (I do it myself here, for example). But remarks like Ann’s in this clip are worse than damaging to conservatism — they hurt the United States. These ideas need to be repudiated as utterly unrepresentative of the philosophy of any significant segment of the United States.

One has an obligation to speak responsibly. The greater the audience one has, the more important it is to do so. I sometimes wonder if the New Media realizes that there is more to breaking up the monopoly that was the Old Media than simply dancing on the Old Media’s grave. Put simply: We have to do better or we are no better.

Please, folks, whether you are on Fox or blogging or on talk radio, think before you speak!

Now, repudiation aside, here’s something a little more constructive in the way of criticism of Canada: A (reportedly) leaked conversation between our President and their Prime Minister.

Hat tip: Musings of a Caffeinated Mind.

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