Honoring Our Escape

In honor of the U.S. escape from the Kyoto global warming treaty, we posted three new short papers on the topic on our website this evening. Each is based on op-eds I had on the Knight-Ridder newswire over the past few weeks:

National Policy Analysis #524: Michael Crichton’s State of Fear: Climate Change in the Cineplex?Michael Crichton’s books, when made into movies, have grossed over $3 billion. Will money-lusty but liberal Hollywood make a movie of his book that criticizes the global warming establishment?National Policy Analysis #523: Spinning Global WarmingA left-wing organization is feted by the news media as if it were a group of objective climate scientists

National Policy Analysis #522: Meeting the Climate Challenge: Left-of-Center Groups Warn of Impending Doom Liberal political groups warn that global warming means doom, but others disagree

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