Social Security Trustees Report Quick Recap

Feel like you should read the new Social Security Trustees Report (released today), but don’t have the energy?

Then read this 350-word summary, and get the gist of the message quickly and succinctly.

My conclusion: Don’t wait for Congress to approve personal accounts. If you aren’t already (unless you are elderly), start putting money away now. Keep control of your future in your own hands — no one cares about your future more than you do.

And, yes, support personal accounts, too.

P.S. Yes, hubby David and I do follow our own advice. We haven’t taken a vacation since 1999, but there is not a month since we married that we have not made a deposit into our retirement savings. Even small deposits add up over time, if you stick with a plan.

P.P.S. Mary Katherine Ham of Insider Online has a list of links on the Trustees Report (thanks for the plug, Mary Katherine!).

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