Probably They Think Monsters Are in Their Closets, Too

Barbara Ledeen sent over these quotes from left-wing organizations about the new Supreme Court vacancy — quotes she received from Progress for America:

Planned Parenthood screamed that “Women’s Health and Safety [are] on the Line.”

People For The American Way breathlessly claimed “our very national identity hangs in the balance and progressives must be loud and clear.”

The Alliance For Justice echoed that sentiment, stating “Individual rights and freedoms hang in the balance.”

NARAL: “Unless we act quickly and forcefully, it will be filled by a right-wing extremist bent on ending a woman’s right to choose.” predicts a nominee who’s an “extremist who will undermine the rights of individuals and families.”

National Abortion Federation warned that women would have to “sacrifice their lives and health by having back alley abortions in order to end an unwanted pregnancy.” They have even demanded “a candidate who will win a consensus of at least 60 votes in the Senate.”

What is it about interpreting our Constitution according to its actual words that has these folks so frightened? Like many others, I’ve read the Constitution. Not scary stuff.

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