Whiff of Stupidity, I’d Say

**Scroll down to the end for a link to Ed Gillespie’s reply to this post**

The White House treats women like morons by pointedly treating us as so dumb we need quotas, as if we women can’t stand on our hind legs as well as men, and then calls us sexist for noticing.

As noted by the Washington Post, this quote comes from an off-the-record meeting (that one reads about in the newspapers all the time), and is genuine:

White House adviser Ed Gillespie suggested that some of the unease about Miers “has a whiff of sexism and a whiff of elitism.”

I’ve always had a high opinion of Ed Gillespie; that anyone representating the White House told conservatives something this dumb, however, tells me the White House is desperately clutching at any argument it can find.

Get a clue, White House. Tell us about your nominee’s judicial philosophy. Or, if you cannot, withdraw the nomination.

Insults are no substitute for what really needs to happen here.

Addendum: As of now, the afternoon of Oct. 6, Laura Ingraham has a poll on her website (scroll down, on the left) asking visitors to describe conservative opposition to Harriet Miers as 1) elitist, 2) sexist, or 3) based on principled concerns.

I know this poll is on her website because I listened to Laura’s radio show this morning. This is something I do because I like Laura’s show. I just thought I would mention this in case folks thought I have, White House-like, a personal quota system mandating that a certain percentage of the talk radio hosts I listen to have to be women.

Addendum #2 (10/7/05): Go here to see that Ed Gillespie wasn’t referring to conservatives when he used the words “sexism” and “elitism.”

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