Europe, Once Again

The EU says foreign governments will be taking control of the Internet away from the United States while the UK Guardian claims claims “there is little the U.S. government can do but acquiesce.”

Socialists. They just can’t help themselves. See something good and they just have to nationalize it.

Hitler was like that, too.

Addendum (10/8): Adam Thierer of the Progress and Freedom Foundation and Wayne Crews of the Competitive Enterprise Institute have a piece on this in the Wall Street Journal (subscription and registration required). It inckudes this ominious warning:

A global Internet regulatory state could mean that We Are the World — on speech and libel laws, sales taxes, privacy policies, antitrust statutes and intellectual property. How then would a Web site operator or even a blogger know how to act or do business? Compliance with some 190 legal codes would be confusing, costly and technically possible for all but the most well-heeled firms. The safest option would be to conform online speech or commercial activities to the most restrictive laws to ensure global compliance. If you like the idea of Robert Mugabe setting legal standards for everyone, then WSIS is for you.

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