La Shawn Barber on Rosa Parks

La Shawn Barber seems to be the lead blogger commemorating the life of Rosa Parks.

Many links, plus comments.

Addendum: John Meredith, Project 21 member and son of civil rights pioneer James Meredith, has this to say about the legacy of Mrs. Parks:

Rosa Parks started a tidal wave of social consciousness in this country that ended the government’s disenfranchisement of millions of black Americans. Without Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr. would probably have remained a pastor at a little-known church in Atlanta, Oprah Winfrey would still be in the backwoods of Mississippi and John Lewis would never have been empowered to represent the people of Georgia in the U.S. Congress. But Rosa Parks’s biggest impact on the fabric of America is the hope that the movement she started provides for today’s economically disenfranchised of all races. The legacy of Rosa Parks will always provide inspiration for those seeking to escape the shackles of poverty and enjoy the promise of the American Dream.

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