Judge Alito Puts His Cards on the Table

This Washington Post article by Charles Babington shows Judge Alito isn’t afraid to say what he believes:

In private meetings with senators, Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito Jr. has shown a willingness to discuss key issues — a potentially risky strategy that so far seems to be serving him well, several senators said.On contentious issues including privacy, property rights and public displays of religious beliefs, Alito has been more willing to share personal or judicial thoughts than were recently confirmed Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and White House counsel Harriet Miers, whose nomination was withdrawn, these senators said.

Alito stopped short of signaling how he might rule on cases before the court, they said, but he seemed less worried that insights into his thinking might be used against him…

A public debate on these matters is good for the republic. This also is in Alito’s and the Administration’s interest: Judge Alito is showing confidence and competence. Strength of this kind earns respect, which can translate into confirmation votes.

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