Skycrapers to Earthquakes to Climate Change: The Guardian Finds the Links

Reading Don Surber, I came across his post about an article in the UK Guardian blaming skyscrapers for earthquakes.

As the Guardian has been known to exaggerate mankind’s ability to affect natural processes in the past, I read the article with a twinge of skeptism. In fact, it reminded me so much of the paper’s rather alarmist global warming coverage that I even thought: The only thing missing here is some scary tie-in to climate change.

That is, until I got to the end:

Meanwhile, the idea of carbon sequestration – reducing global warming by locking up carbon dioxide in holes under- ground, will be pointless if earthquakes let all the carbon dioxide escape. “Huge amounts of fluid are going to be put in large cavities and earthquakes are a real concern,” says Leonardo Seeber, a geologist from the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory in New York. “I am less worried about nuclear waste as it is more likely to be put in a small tunnels rather than huge cavities,” he adds.

In the minds of thre alarmists, are there any subjects that cannot be linked to global warming?

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