What Does A “Reputable Scientist” Do Instead?

A Time story by Michael Lemonick about Woo Suk Hwang’s apparently-fraudulent stem cell research, The Rise and Fall of the Cloning King, contains this paragraph:

In order to clone an adult, you need to put one of its cells into a human egg cell from which the nucleus has been removed. After electrical fusion and chemical activation, the egg can then start dividing, creating embryonic stem cells. (If left to mature, the embryo could eventually grow into a clone of the original adult–something no reputable scientist would let happen.)

The full article is interesting, although it raises questions (“How did his now invalidated stem-cell paper get into a major scientific journal? How did such serious flaws go undetected for months? And could he have knowingly taken such foolish risks?”) that are not answered. The first, at least, was answerable (go here or here).

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