Deroy Murdock: Legal “Eagles”?

Deroy Murdock looks at the law firms providing free representation for the detainees at Gitmo.

An excerpt:

The attorneys who assist these detainees have wedged themselves between terrorist suspects and U.S. personnel who try to garner valuable intelligence to uncover and thwart future hijackings, subway attacks, and dirty bombs. Muslim extremists at Gitmo, who otherwise might spill the beans about their buddies, instead see high-end attorneys jet in to tell them: Sit tight. We’re working night and day to get you out of here.”Why our best law firms would dedicate their pro-bono resources to suspected terrorists rather than, say, people rendered homeless by Katrina, is beyond me,” marvels one former high-level federal attorney who previously was involved with these issues. “By definition, these representations only serve to expand the rights of alien enemy combatants during wartime.”

There’s lot’s more. I was particularly struck by the firm Deroy describes as defending both a Gitmo detainee and providing legal work for the manufacturer of all four of the airplanes hijacked on 9-11.I guess that’s not a conflict of interest, though. Everyone on those airplanes is dead.

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