About the House Gunfire Report

Mychal Massie of Project 21 sent over a note about today’s gunfire alarm at the Rayburn House Office Building:

Thankfully today’s scare at the Rayburn Building amounted to nothing. However, there are two very important points worth mentioning.The first is the extraordinary level of competence and professionalism displayed by all of the Capitol Hill law enforcement branches. To suggest that they were anything less than stellar in their coordinated efforts to search out a potential threat, while evacuating some and securely insulating others – is a gross understatement.

The other point worth noting is the danger and potential orchestrated, pandemonium Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney’s arrogant disregard for the rule of law and role Capitol Hill law enforcement played.

It should be pointed out in the strongest terms that McKinney’s flagrant disregard and subsequent assault of the officer doing his job could have endangered hundreds, if not thousands.

Every time said departments are forced to deploy – a silent, yet watchful enemy watches. Taking notes, if you will per how to effect another terrorist attack on American soil.

We should neither overlook nor forget the potential and as yet unseen danger McKinney’s disrespect for law posed. We certainly should never excuse her – for in the absence of any valid reason, using race as a cover – for her indecent and abhorrent behavior.

Two thumbs up to those who keep us safe – two thumbs down to arrogant Troglodytes like McKinney, who think they are above the law.

My favorite observation of the day regarding the Rayburn House Office Building gunfire alarm came from Rush Limbaugh, who wondered (I’m paraphrasing) if the House of Representatives had any separation of powers concerns about letting the FBI into a Congressional office building to search for a gunman.

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