What Is A Progressive?

The Campaign for America’s Future is sponsoring a “what is a progressive?” contest.

The group accepted entries until May 24 and has now whittled the entires down to a “top ten.” Web visitors are invited to vote on the best entry.

Reading the top ten entries, I was struck by the fact that several entries define a progressive in a way that also would apply to conservatives and moderates. For instance, the entry from Julie P. of Hastings, NY:

A progressive is someone who believes in the common good — in a fair shake for every person –and is willing to fight for it.

Or Lawrence F. of San Francisco:

A progressive is someone who cares about the other guy. It’s as simple as that!!

It strikes me that the progressive movement (aka, liberalism) may be having trouble defining itself in ways that very clearly delineate its views from those of non-progressives.So, what is a progressive? Maybe the point of the contest is to find out.

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