Health Care Double-Take

This Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story by Joe Fahy about a labor union rally in Pittsburgh promoting the expansion of Medicare benefits to “all U.S. residents” caused National Center Executive Director David Almasi to do a double-take.

That’s because the guy in the photo identified as a member of the National Association of Letter Carriers — the fellow holding a sign calling for a national health care system — is married to the lady who was maid of honor at David’s wedding to his wife, Nancy.

On the other hand, the health care expert, Edmund Haislmaier, who is quoted in the paper explaining that this proposal would likely require a major increase in the payroll tax (so that Americans at all income levels would pay 8 to ten percent of their gross wages on health care alone) is a member of The National Center’s Board of Directors.

So I could say that the National Center family is of two minds about this vital health care issue — except, we’re not.

Medicare is already insolvent. Extending it to every American — let alone every American and every illegal alien, as the unions seek — would be insanity.

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