Nicaraguan Contras Failed, Despite Winning

From “Nicaragua Balloting Said to Go Smoothly” in the Washington Post Monday edition:

But many Nicaraguans long ago lost their taste for [Daniel] Ortega, disillusioned by his government’s human rights abuses, confiscation of property and bloody war against insurgents known as the contras, who were trained and funded by the United States in a failed effort to topple him.

Failed?I could have sworn I attended Violeta Chamorro’s inauguration in 1990, but perhaps I confused it with the inauguration of another female president of a Latin American country who beat a Marxist-Leninist incumbent who had been forced to call elections as part of a strategy to deal with Contra opposition.

There are so many.

Addendum: Publius Pundit has an excellent write-up of election-related events in Nicaragua with huge numbers of links, plus a photo of Jimmy Carter and Daniel Ortega gazing at one another that just begs to have captions written for it.

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