Tidbits from Blogs I Read II

Patterico is putting things in perspective. I really liked that post.

In a similarly philosophical vein, Norma writes:

When [a blogger is] grieving — and I’ve read some really heavy, heavy blogs of chronic illness, death, job loss, crashing friendships, etc. — you can almost see the spirits lift on the screen when there is a kind or thoughtful response.

Speaking of grieving, hearts out to Kim Priestap and her husband and their entire extended family. (Photos of the crowds at the viewing shown here.)

In Bizzy Blog’s “positivity” department: A teen climbs a drainpipe with one hand and his feet while calling authorities on his cell phone with his spare hand — and then enters a second floor apartment and saves the lives of a woman and three small children, including an infant, from an apartment fire. What did you do today?

Dream Mom has gift ideas for severely disabled children. Her story is inspiring, and makes you count your blessings.

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