I Think the Phrase You Are Looking for is “Double Standard”

A Project 21 press release critical of Senator Barbara Boxer for implying that Secretary of State Condoleeze Rice is less qualified to handle Iraq policy because she is childless brought this comment by email from a corrspondent in the Bronx:

“OK, Rice has no children serving in the military because she has no children. But Boxer also mentioned she has neither children nor grandchildren in the military. Therefore, why the hell does she get to serve Foreign Relations?”

P.S. In a story that includes interviews with Secretary Rice and Senator Boxer about the “childlessness as a disqualification?” dustup, the New York Times is covering Project 21’s Deneen Borelli’s take on the issue.P.P.S. The Huffington Post (Brad Friedman) is mad that the New York Times quoted Project 21. Says the fact that Project 21 was identified as “African-American” would mislead readers into believing Project 21 is liberal, and thus readers would misperceive its criticism of of Barbara Boxer as a defection from the left.

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