Al Gore’s Climate Class War

Noting that Al Gore’s movie, ���An Inconvenient Truth,” asks viewers, “Are you ready to change the way you live?,” Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) asked Al Gore today if he was prepared to take this pledge:

Personal Energy Ethics Pledge

As a believer:

that human-caused global warming is a moral, ethical, and spiritual issue affecting our survival;

that home energy use is a key component of overall energy use;

that reducing my fossil-fuel based home energy usage will lead to lower greenhouse gas emissions; and

that leaders on moral issues should lead by example;

I pledge to consume no more energy for use in my residence than the average American household by March 21, 2008.

The Tennessee Center for Policy Research reported:

[Al] Gore’s mansion, located in the posh Belle Meade area of Nashville, consumes more electricity every month than the average American household uses in an entire year, according to the Nashville Electric Service (NES).

In his documentary, the former Vice President calls on Americans to conserve energy by reducing electricity consumption at home.

Last August alone, Gore burned through 22,619 kWh���guzzling more than twice the electricity in one month than an average American family uses in an entire year. As a result of his energy consumption, Gore���s average monthly electric bill topped $1,359. (Read the full Tennessee Center for Policy Research article here.)

���There are hundreds of thousands of people who adore you and would follow your example by reducing their energy usage if you did. Don���t give us the run-around on carbon offsets or the gimmicks the wealthy do,��� Inhofe told Gore. ���Are you willing to make a commitment here today by taking this pledge to consume no more energy for use in your residence than the average American household by one year from today?���

The answer was no. Gore isn’t willing.

Sacrifice is for the poor and middle class. I guess.

Addendum: Additional coverage of this on Newsbusters (Noel Shepard), The Tennessean, Wired, Michelle Malkin, Ed Driscoll, The Conservative Alternative, Free Republic, WorcesterRight, Flopping Aces, Rounds Out (TownHall), and sisu, among others.


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