DeSmogBlog: Expect Confusion

DeSmogBlog is attempting to undercut a petition drive by Art Robinson’s Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine by reporting that Dr. Frederick Seitz, lead signatory on the petition and a man in his 90s, allegedly was “quite elderly and not sufficiently rational” in 1989, so — Richard implies — he couldn’t possibly be rational enough 18 years later to sign a letter.

As Richard put it:

18 years ago, Seitz was ‘not sufficiently rational’ to meet the lenient scientific standards of the tobacco industry, but today, Art Robinson still feels it’s ethical to send out a petition over Seitz’s signature on one of the most pressing current scientific issues of the day.

Clearly, shame is a concept still unexplored by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine.

The producers of the PBS documentary series Frontline interviewed Dr. Seitz just last year. They not only failed to notice that Dr. Seitz is — according to Richard — too senile to even sign a letter, but they had their hands full interviewing him. When Frontline asked Dr. Seitz leading questions, he turned the interview into a debate, and beat them hands down.

Not bad for a guy who can’t sign a letter.

As Dr. Seitz told Frontline:

You know, one-third of the public questioned believes that the lunar landing was faked by Hollywood in the Arizona desert. When you have to deal with a population that is at that level, you can expect almost anything, including confusion.


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