Don’t Let Al Sharpton Hold English Hostage

National Center for Public Policy Research Executive Director David Almasi says Project 21’s Mychal Massie is right to take on Al Sharpton in the recent Tiger Woods – Golf Channel controversy. Says David:

When Golf Channel commentator Kelly Tilghman used the term “lynch” as part of a facetious strategy for young pro golfers to get an advantage on her friend, Tiger Woods, the poor choice of words went largely overlooked. After her employer took action and suspended her, Al Sharpton found out. He wants her fired.

Project 21 chairman Mychal Massie, a Golf Channel fan, knew about the controversy from the beginning and points out in a recent New Visions Commentary that Sharpton is trying to blow the situation out of proportion for his own benefit. After all, Tiger Woods dismissed any real controversy before Sharpton even hit the scene.

Among other papers, the Philadelphia Inquirer has published Mychal’s commentary.

An excerpt:

…I probably watch an average of ten hours a week of the Golf Channel (more when there is an interesting tournament). I am well-acquainted with Tilghman’s work, and I’ve never heard her speak an ill word about Woods. In fact, I distinctly remember her lavishly praising him and his family just last month. This indicates to me that Sharpton’s rant only seeks to create conflict where none exists.

Tilghman’s words were offensive only to those who trade on race-mongering and/or capitalize on creating strife for personal gain. The Golf Channel viewers owe it to themselves to stand with Tilghman or risk having the network destroyed by someone who, until last week, might not have even known such a channel exists.

The English lexicon should not be held hostage by self-serving individuals who trade on race and immiseration. We should be able to speak freely, within reason, without fear of harsh consequences for utilizing innocuous and jocund adjectives that are in no way intended to cause harm or offense.

It is time for America, all the young golfers gunning for Tiger and Golf Channel viewers to “lynch” those who would subject our nation to unreasonable and fallacious accusations of malicious intent. Such should be “hung” by their thumbs in the town square for provoking racial discord where none exists and none was intended.

New Vision Commentary op-eds by Mychal and other Project 21 members are available online at the National Center for Public Policy Research website here.

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