Project 21’s Parks on Environmental Alarmism

From David Almasi:

Project 21 Member Bob Parks has begun producing his own multimedia “Outside the Wire” commentaries on the Internet.

In one of his latest postings, which can be found on YouTube, Bob takes on the establishment environmental movement, pointing out how their “good intentions” are “all that matters” and sometimes actually inconvenience or hurt people.

For example, talking about the recent legislative mandate to replace the reliable old incandescent light bulb with compact florescent bulbs (CFLs), Bob points out that the new bulbs require careful handling and special disposal lest they poison their handlers. He notes that “these light bulbs may be friendly to the environment, but don’t seem to take too kindly to the saps who bought them.”

Bob also cites the circular advice to use paper-then-plastic-then-paper bags at grocery stores as an inconvenience, and the banning of DDT as a deadly remedy to an overstated panic. But that’s not all.

To see Bob’s entire commentary, go here.

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