Bill O’Reilly Interviews Tom Borelli on GE Doing Business with Iran

A year ago, on the occasion of General Electric’s 2008 shareholder meeting, Bill O’Reilly of Fox News interviewed our Free Enterprise Project’s Tom Borelli on GE’s relationship with Iran.

The video includes audio, with an on-screen transcript, of Tom Borelli directly confronting GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt at the 2008 shareholder meeting about GE’s receipt of what Tom called “blood money” from Iran.

Fox News conducted “man on the street” interviews outside the 2008 GE stockholder meeting and found a lot of support for Tom’s position, then and now.

Do you disagree with GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt on Iran, on the need for greater regulation of the economy, and more government funds going to the private sector? If so, go here to sign Tom’s petition to GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt.

For more information on why so many Americans are upset with GE, go to the Free Enterprise Project home page or visit this poston this blog.

And return to this blog in coming days to learn what happens at this year’s annual GE stockholder meeting, which Tom Borelli is attending in Orlando today.

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