Watch Deneen Borelli Live Online on Fox’s “Strategy Room” Monday, May 11

Project 21 Fellow Deneen Borelli is scheduled to appear on the Fox News Channel’s online “Strategy Room” program on Monday, May 11 between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM eastern.

Deneen expects to raise the issue of the seemingly high wall of separation between church and state erected by the Obama White House. This discussion would include the covering of religious symbols during Obama’s recent speech at Georgetown University and his lack of active participation in the National Day of Prayer. It will also likely include discussion of his upcoming planned commencement address at Notre Dame that has outraged many Catholics and social conservatives.

In comments on the issue that have been submitted to the “Fox Forum,” Deneen wrote:

Judging by his actions, it seems President Obama’s true spiritual devotion lies more with to politics than religion. Religious institutions apparently only present a prominent forum for him to enhance his reputation….Given Obama’s track record, it’s not surprising that his possibly most direct religious statement as president thus far has been his declaration that “we are not a nation of Christians.”

To access the live Internet broadcast, click here and then click the “STREAM THIS NOW” headline in the center or the page under the photo.

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