Chrysler Dealership Closings: They’re Calling it “DealerGate”

Did the Obama White House pressure Chrysler to close some dealerships for political reasons?

Mark Tapscott, editorial page editor of the Washington Examiner, examines the question here (blog post) and here(newspaper column).

Others on the story include Josh Painter at RedState; Sammy Benoit at Yid with Lid; Doug Ross @ Journal and more.

A Gateway Pundit post on this tonight leads with: “After Weeding Out GOP-Linked Dealers, Chrysler Looking To Open New Dealerships.”

This article sticks out in my mind: “After Surviving Katrina, a Local Car Dealer Becomes a Casualty of the Economy.” Nothing overtly political in that story, but it’s worth a read for the angle of the guy who pulled up his bootstraps to get a dealership in the first place, only to be hit by Katrina and spend years recovering, now to suffer a killing blow from his government.

Paul Ibrahim notes, accurately, I believe: “Regardless of whether these specific allegations are true, one would be foolish to believe that government makes decisions based on business judgment as opposed to political considerations.”

Hat tips: Yid With Lid and Say Anything.

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