A “Right” to an Enjoyable What?????

Britain’s government-run health care system, known as the NHS, just spent six million pounds (almost ten million U.S. dollars) on an initiative to reduce teen pregnancies, with the result that young women who participated were more than twice as likely to get pregnant.

The NHS is also telling young people they have, as the Daily Mail put it, “a ‘right’ to an enjoyable sex life.”

Maybe it’s just me, but I think there may be a connection.

It’s a good thing Britain doesn’t have a written constitution, because it would have been really tough for them to get that “right to a good sex life” thing worded properly.

One wonders what Prince Albert would have thought.

What would it have been like had James Madison gotten that “right” into the Bill of Rights? Why, instead of resigning from public office after being caught employing members of the oldest profession, a certain long-time New York state attorney general likely would have been prosecuting Wall Street firms for not employing these professionals for the benefit of their employees.

There’s more in the Daily Mail story that I’m not publishing here. Too racy for this blog. Click the link if you are interested and at least old enough for R-rated movies.

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