What’s Happening Now

Shocking proof Obama was born outside the United States. (But did Microsoft Word exist in 1961?)

I believe Obama wants to keep the birther story going.

The New York Times “house conservative” says: “I feel politically closer to Barack Obama than to House Minority Leader John Boehner.” Hmmm… wonder why they hired him…?

Everyone’s watching: Captain Kirk channel Sarah Palin. Even more fun: David Frum (4,700) v. Mark Levin (900,000).

Associated Press reports: Secret testimony claims Senators Chris Dodd and Kent Conrad knew they got preferential treatment from Countrywide. (H/T Ace) The Senators themselves say, essentially, “hogwash.”

Ten questions for supporters of ObamaCare.

Marta Mossburg: “The average state government employee benefit package in Maryland is $24,347 per year…” (And still the lady at the Maryland DMV wouldn’t answer my question!)

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