What’s Happening Now

Here’s who voted which way when the Senate voted to renew Cash for Clunkers. Only 37 Americans in the Senate.

Here’s who voted which way when the Senate voted to table Tom Harkin’s amendment to limit the car welfare program to individuals earning under $50,000 and couples earning under $75,000. 65 Senators support welfare for the rich. Zero Dems for means testing.

Washington Independent: Cash for Clunkers “steals its funding from a Department of Energy program encouraging the development of renewable energy technologies.” Someone thought this bill was about the environment?

John McCain calls Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill “a farce,” saying “they bought every industry off – steel mills, agriculture, utilities.” More welfare for the rich.

President of the United States or Captain Queeg with his strawberries? Seemingly both.

Searching for swastikas.

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