Cut Off Health Care to ObamaCare Opponents, Says Bitter Old NPR Guy

Garrison Keiller fantasizes about cutting off ObamaCare opponents’ access to the health care system.

Thanks, Keiller, for another reminder of why government-run health care really s—ks, because in those systems, bitter old fogeys like yourself really can cut off the health care access of people who disagree with them, shocking as it may seem.

Recall what Britain’s National Health Service did to senior citizen Edward Atkinson, who had the temerity to mail pro-life literature to a government hospital that aborts young Britons.

If you want hospital administrators deciding they don’t want to treat you based on your public policy or political views, then by all means, support government-run health care. Just be sure you really mean it, because once you get it, government-run health care is notoriously difficult to get rid of (you see, the employees unionize, and give campaign contributions, and before you can say ‘why can’t I have cancer drugs?,’ you find the politicians are willing to let them let you die).

P.S. To Mr. Keiller: I don’t recall you ever supplying any of my health care, so you have scant business talking about cutting it off. I, on the other hand, have been forced against my will to help pay for NPR…

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